for information about the project: olympictruce@peacewaves.org
for suggestions and information about the website: webmaster@peacewaves.org


Marco Braghero
PeaceWaves President
e-mail: marco.braghero@peacewaves.org

Daniele Rosa
PeaceWaves National Coordinator
e-mail: daniele.rosa@peacewaves.org
tel: +39 338 2717651

Marco Vannozzi
PeaceWaves National Coordinator
e-mail: marco.vannozzi@peacewaves.org
tel. +39 338 3892940

Tania Re
PeaceWaves Project Manager
e-mail: tania.re@peacewaves.org
tel: +39 339 5672097

Press Office

Vittorio Pennazio
PeaceWaves Communication Coordinator and Webmaster
e-mail: vittorio.pennazio@peacewaves.org
tel: +39 340 0527027

Giada Merlicco
e-mail: giada.merlicco@peacewaves.org

PeaceWaves onlus

National Operative office: Turin
c/o ITIS Avogadro
C.so San Maurizio 8
10124 Torino - Italy