Olympi Truce: a challenge for sport, an opportunity for peace

The Olympic Festival of the European Youth of Lignano Sabbiadoro 2005 will not be only a great sport event, but also an unique chance, for young participants and not only, to meet and share experiences, a moment to reflect and deepen themes of sport as a tool for education and sport through the Olympic Truce.

In this occasion will be held some activities organized by PeaceWaves ONLUS, in collaboration with Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia, to support the Olympic Truce from 1st to 8th July 2005. PeaceWaves works since the year 2001 on the Italian territory to a better acquisition of Olympic Spirit and its transformation in concrete peace acts through awareness campaigns, public discussions and through the participation of young people and all citizens guided by the values of the Olympic Truce.

Particular importance for “Olympic Truce: a challenge for sport, an opportunity for peace”, the talk-show about Truce of July 4th, with the participation of institutions, journalists, governmental and non-governmental organizations which will discuss with young people about the actuality of the Truce and about the proposal for the next Resolution for the Olympic Winter Games of Turin 2006. The forum will deal with the themes of: sport and disability, sport and safety, sport and doping, sport and youth, and relationships between sport and business and sport and politics (Truce as a mean of conflict resolution). During the Forum it will be analyzed extreme actuality themes connecting with Truce launched by United Nations such as Millennium Development Goals and campaigns against child labour (ILO-IPEC).

During all the show it will be presented two information points, one in the Athletes Village and the other along promenade, where it will be possible to sign the proposal of Olympic Truce Resolution and to receive information about the project. Besides it will be raise some questionnaires about Olympic Truce Resolution, that will be part of the publication “Olympic Truce: a sport challenge, a peace opportunity”, realized by PeaceWaves and edited by EGA libri within December 2005. In this information points will be possible to support concretely Olympic Truce buying “Olympic-T” project’s t-shirt.

PeaceWaves will organize some activities connected to the project “Kids’ Guernica Europe – art for peace!”: during the festival it will be shown two canvas about Olympic Truce, painted in occasion of Europe Forum in Genoa – June 2004 – and during the Olympic Truce Resolution meeting of the last February in Turin. Three canvas will be painted during the event: the first will involve students from regional High Schools, the second will be painted in the Athletes Village, and the third will be painted by young people in the square of Lignano.

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