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PeaceWaves and all the young people that shared with us the process of awareness and discussion about the Olympic Truce during the last 5 years, present a proposal for the next Resolution for the Olympic Truce. A Resolution "from the below", shared and participated in a local, national and international level.
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Our proposal for the Resolution for the Olympic Truce

Considering the art. 1 of the Resolution of the General Assembly of the UN regarding the observance of the Olympic Truce during the winter and summer Olympic Games - A/RES/48/11, 1993:

“The General Assembly of United Nations
commends the International Olympic Committee,
the International Sports Federations
and the National Olympic Committees
for their efforts to mobilize the youth
of the world in the cause of peace”

The young participants of the Olympic Truce Resolution Meeting – Torino (Italy) 23rd 27th February 2005 - promote a proposal for the UN Resolution for the observance of the Olympic Truce during the Winter Olympic Games of Torino 2006 to be discussed during the sixtieth UN General Assembly from September to December 2005.

The General Assembly,

  • Recalling its resolution 58/6 dated 18 November 2003, in which it decided to include in the provisional agenda of its sixtieth session the item entitled “Building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic Ideal” and its decision to consider this item every two years in advance of each Summer and Winter Olympic Games,

  • Recalling also its resolution 48/11 of 25 October 1993, which, inter alia, revived the ancient Greek tradition of ekecheiria or “Olympic Truce” calling for a truce during the Games that would encourage a peaceful environment and ensuring the safe passage and participation of athletes and others at the Games and, thereby, mobilizing the youth of the World to the cause of peace,

  • Taking into consideration the inclusion in the United Nations Millennium Declaration an appeal for the support of the Olympic Committee in its efforts to promote peace and human understanding through sport and the Olympic ideal,

  • Noting that the Games of the XX Winter Olympiads will take place from 10 to 26 February 2006 in Turin, in Italy, and endorsed by the Assembly of Heads of States and Government of that organization,

  • Welcoming the initiative of the Secretary-General to establish the United Nations Inter-agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace,

  • Recognizing that the goal of the Olympic movement is to built a peaceful and better World by educating the youth and the World through sport, practised without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding, promoted by friendship, solidarity and fair play,

  • Recognizing also the valuable contribution that the appeal launched by the International Olympic Committee for an Olympic Truce, with which the National Olympic Committees of the Member States are associated, could make towards advancing purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations,

  • Welcoming the individual support of World personalities for the promotion of the Olympic Truce,

  1. Urges Member States to observe the Olympic Truce during the XX Olympic Winter Games, which will be held in Turin, Italy 10th - 26th February 2006 and the Paralympic Games, which will be held in Turin, 10th - 19th March 2006, the vision of which is the stop of all ongoing conflicts. This will be achieved by non-violent settlement of conflicts and reopening dialog channels among communities and cultures through youth participation in democratic processes using sport, art and education as universal means of cohesion to further Human Sustainable Development.

  2. Calls upon all Member States to facilitate the equalisation of the Paralympic Games with the Olympic Games so that the Paralympic athletes have equal rights while the Olympic Truce period is extended to include the Paralympics.

  3. Requests the International Olympic Committee to cooperate with the accredited UN Agencies and the UN Commissioner for Human Rights for the monitoring of universal human rights standards and their possible violations during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and that already passed and future resolutions are fully enacted upon.

  4. Asks the UNESCO agency to make the concept of the Olympic Truce and of the games be a part of the World’s Common Heritage.

  5. Requests the commitment of the candidate cities to an Olympic Truce Action Plan including social, economic, environmental and cultural development measures to be used as criteria for evaluation by the International Olympic Committee during the selection process.

  6. Requests Member States to promote Olympic Truce actions for the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and support the campaigns against child labour.

  7. Welcomes the organisation of an Olympic Truce Youth Camp to be held in the host city of the Summer and Winter Games; and that the Youth Camp, from now on, during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, will deal with issues such as Sustainable Development, Human Rights, Youth policies in order to increase the awareness of the Olympic Truce.

  8. Urges Member States to promote the Olympic Truce spirit and ideals among children and youth during their compulsory education by organizing artistic cultural activities and encouraging the public to debate with athletes and other functionaries about Olympic values and fair play.

  9. Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its sixty-second Session the item entitled “Building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic ideal” and to consider this item before the XXIX Olympic Games in Beijing, China, in the year 2008.


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