· Kids' Guernica Paintings about the Olympic Truce

The Olympic Truce - Genoa (Italy), 8-9 June 2004

· Themes and subject

The painting represents, through the art, the themes discussed during the European Forum about Olympic Truce. These themes come out in the proposal for the Resolution for the observance of the Olympic Truce during the Olympic Winter Games in Turin 2006

Painters want to transmit with colours a lot of messages, such as the will to interplay, to guarantee the rebirth of international closed dialogues and the desire to guarantee the same dignity  to Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

The canvas has in the centre the Olympic Truce theme, that release shine of light and heat, that going to light a mix of coloured persons, painted around the same shapes of workshop’s participants. The idea to communicate Truce with their bodies, in fact is born from the word ekecheiria, from Greek “to hand up”.

Another theme connected to Olympic Truce is to compare Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is reflected in the presence of a youth who, in spite of his disability, participates like everybody at the great message of peace and hope communicated by sport.

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