· Kids' Guernica Paintings about the Olympic Truce

Olympic Truce: together we can get her - Pracatinat (Turin), 25-26 February 2005

· Themes and subject

The canvas want to communicate the themes discussed in the Olympic Truce Resolution Meeting (placed in Turin and Pracatinat from 23rd to 27th February 2005), especially about Child Labour and Olympic Truce, treated like bearer of merits and promoter of Human Rights.
A big butterfly expands in the centre covering the world and the universe, represented with dark colours on background.
Her body is an athlete, symbol of participant countries at the Olympics, who has in her hand the Olympic Torch. From her chest, in the centre there is the symbol of Olympic Truce, which starts to shine of lights, to carry the message of a new hope.

The wings of the butterfly have different images inside, selected between some paintings produced during the workshop, that represent the hope of a better world from young artists’ prospective.
A dark shadow, you can see in the background, wraps images which represent child labour.

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