The Symbol of the Olympic Truce was born during a sunny day in June 2002, in Pracatinat, in occasion of the last step of the first training course for Team Leaders (organized by PeaceWaves for olympic volunteers project “Ragazzi del 2006”) when for the first time they asked us to think “big”.

We were divided in several groups, each of those would be occupied in a project:: mine was the Olympic Truce, subject unknown to everybody till that moment.

I had at my disposal the appeal for the respect of the Olympic Truce, and I was in particular touched by the first and the seventh objective, which aim at “the suspension of every military activity during the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games” and “that in the next UN Resolutions, Olympic Truce will be extended even during all the period of the Paralympic Games”.

I thought that, if I had to represent the Olympic Truce, a period of peace between peoples, I would have done it using three symbols:

  • The one of the Olympic Games, the 5 circles which represent the 5 continents. The choice of “chopping” the circles into several pieces wasn’t a chance: it wasn’t only due to the fact that the 5 circles are a registered trademark and protected by copyright by IOC, but it also wants to represent the road we still have to follow to reach the objectives of the project for the Olympic Truce, how many stages we still have to connect to arrive at the goal.

  • The one less known but not less important of the Paralympic Games, that is the three drops representing respectively the mind, the soul and the body.

  • Finally, to connect them together, the symbol of Peace.

Roberta Blanc
author of logo of the Olympic Truce